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Update : A new version is now available and can be downloaded by filling out the form here.

Some of our clients are experiencing an error stating ‘┬áReferral was returned from the server’


This is caused by a code signing certificate that has expired. The program will function as it should and the issue will be addressed in the next patch.

To circumvent the issue in the meantime, please use one of the following options

Option A : Disable UAC Notifications in Windows – see your network admin.

Option B : Change account which ezSigner runs as

1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\AP Technology\ezSigner Direct


2. Go to the properties of “ezsigner.exe”, and in the compatibility section, set it to run as administrator. (doesn’t work if you set the shortcut to run as admin, it HAS to be the .exe itself)


This should clear up the issue.

Please dont hesitate to contact support with concerns or questions – however also please note that we are experiencing very high call volumes due to this at the moment.