Having trouble using SecureCheck after disabling the print spooler?

Answer: The print spooler needs to be running on both the SecureCheck server as well as any clients with SecureCheck installed.

Due to the recent PrintNightmare vulnerability, the vast majority of our customers have rightly been disabling the print spooler service on their computers. Unfortunately, SecureCheck does require that print spooler to be running in order to work properly.

If this service has been disabled on either the server or the clients, you may experience the following symptoms:
– Errors when launching or printing in SecureCheck
– SecureCheck will attempt to install drivers when launching
– Print jobs failing to send to the physical printer without any errors thrown
– Check runs failing to be sent to SecureCheck (if sent through the SecureCheck Printer)

If you are experiencing any of these issues, it will be required that you start the print spooler on BOTH the server and the client machines before attempting to use the software or to print checks through it.

We STRONGLY encourage you to disable the print spooler where possible when you are not using SecureCheck. We realize that the extra step of starting the spoolers every time you need to use SecureCheck may cause issues, but we encourage this until a fix has been released from Microsoft for the sake of security.

If you continue have issues with SecureCheck, please submit a case from our support site www.apsupport.net. Thank you!